Art Ingration to Support Learning, Research and Problem Solving

Renees Education Services Group

 We are a  ​501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, incorporated  in Florida on 01/04/2016 ,  registered as a Miami Dade Public School Partner for the Principal Today Program since 2017 in a long-term relationship that enhances the learning environment of our partner school and supports student achievement.​  

Our Mission

To connect the public with schools in the community working on initiatives that help students to expand their cultural, academic, and social horizons.   

December 2019 - Art Basel at Henry E.S. Reeves


 Students will tour around  the world's greatest outdoor street art museum in Wynwood and our guide will explain how legendary street artists and graffiti writers have changed the face of a community.


Guided tours to the Perez Art Museum connecting  students to art of the 20th and 21st century  learning

Use technology applications through the art-making process to express community or global concerns. 

Art work


 Students will create their art work and invitations to family members  and their guests for the Art  Show. 

December 2019 - Art Festival


 Students explain the significance of their personal artwork.  Festival will take place in school during the  international modern and contemporary art show that is held annually in Miami Beach, Basel and Hong Kong.  Students will attend Wynwood exhibits during that week